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Senior Dog Must Haves

One of the most important differences of having a senior dog versus a younger dog is they may require a little additional care to help them with their accessibility and to keep them safe.  We wanted to make a nice list of a few must haves that we purchased for our senior pups and quick links if you want to purchase the same products that we have!  See below and comment at the bottom if you have any questions!  ❤️

Upon adoption of Bosley and Diesel, we quickly noticed that Diesel had a limp.  The vet clinic said that he possibly had an old injury that was never taken care of.  He also had shorter legs due to his breed mix, so we started to brainstorm how we could help him get around better and help him with his limp.  We built Diesel a set of ramps so he didn't have to use the steps to go out for his walks or to go potty.  Although our front steps are smaller and platform style (see pictures), we really wanted to help his accessibility and these ramps weren't very hard to build.  Here are the details below, with pictures and measurements.  Over the first month with ramps, his limp decreased tremendously, so this was proof to us that the ramps were actually helping his leg/shoulder to heal more.

  • The larger ramp (do all steps twice if you need 2 ramps)
    • 2" x 6" x 48" - cut diagonally length wise to create a wedge for the base of the ramp (QTY 2) - if you cut a 2" x 6" x 48" board in half diagonally, you can use both halves for each side of the ramp base
    • 2" x 4" x 33" - screws in underneath to help support the plywood in the middle
    • 36" x 48" plywood for the top (QTY 1)
    • 36" x 48" green carpet for the top (QTY 1)
    • 1.5" and 2" exterior screws as needed
    • 3M high strength 90 contact spray adhesive
  • The smaller ramp
    • 2" x 6" x 24" - cut diagonally length wise (QTY 2)
    • 36" x 24" plywood for the top (QTY 1)
    • 36" x 24" green carpet for the top (QTY 1)
    • 1.5" and 2" exterior screws as needed
    • 3M high strength 90 contact spray adhesive



Both Bosley and Diesel were very good dogs from the get go, but Bosley did have a little bit of the urge to protect her parents and brother.  She would pull during walks when she would see other animals, humans, and dogs.  We decided to research how to help her with her pulling on the leash.  We found this harness to replace her standard collar.  This was a GAME CHANGER for her pulling.  Prior to using this harness, she would pull hard and choke herself.  Once this harness was on her and we put a little bit of pressure on the leash, she immediately learned to stop pulling.  This harness was the best accessory that we bought for her so far.  This can be used for other aged dogs too, not just seniors. Here is a clickable image to the exact harness that we purchased.


It has been 3 years since we adopted Bosley and Diesel and although Diesel has passed, Bosley still loves to get up on the couch and bed.  Bosley is able to jump on the couch still, but we also wanted to make sure she didn't hurt herself jumping up, when we could easily fix this for her.  We built 2 steps so she can walk up on to the couch.  The stairs are built from common sized wood that you might already have at your house.  Here are the details and list of materials that I used to put these together.  It took me about 2 hours total to buy all the materials, cut wood, build, and carpet the steps.


She does sometimes like to use her steps to get in to our bed with us, especially during thunderstorms, but she mainly sleeps by the foot of the bed on her dog bed.  We had basic dog beds originally for Bosley and Diesel, but we upgraded Bosley to this larger and better quality orthopedic premium memory foam XXL dog bed.  She loves it and sleeps so good.  We can tell because she is normally sawing logs all night long!  It also has a removable cover that we wash often and has held up perfectly.  Bosley is only about 75 pounds, but we decided to order the largest size available, XXL.  The XXL is 51.5 inches wide, 39 inches deep, 4 inches in height, and the sides are 10.5 inches high.  She does have a little bit of extra room and this bed would accommodate a much larger dog when we rescue another pup in the future!


To protect our fairly expensive couch (never buy a light color if pets are in your future), we selected a couple of waterproof couch protectors.  We needed 2 since we have a large pit style couch.  These have held up extremely well over the 3 years that we've had them and haven't had to replace either of them.  We wash them about every couple weeks and they hold their form on the couch very well as they have a rubbery backing to help hold them in place.  These can be used for any aged dog, not just seniors. Click the images below to take a look.


We don't use the same steps to help Bosley into the car that she uses to get onto the couch since we have a little less room with the back car door open.  The steps that you are going to build from the previous paragraph are a little bit sturdier, a little bit heavier, and aren't really meant for easy transportation.  We researched and selected these stairs based on the good reviews.  They're lightweight and we can put them in the trunk for a quick trip to the vet.  The stairs are rated for pets up to 150lbs and would work for any pet requiring stairs, not just dogs.  Another cool feature is that the carpet tread is removeable for easy cleaning.  Click on this image below to check out the stairs we bought.

Pet Gear Dog Car Steps

One of the necessities that we got for the pups to help protect the backseat of the car is a backseat protector.  This one specifically also had great reviews, is easy to install/un-install, easy to clean, and has been very durable.  This one specifically connects around the back headrests and the front headrests and creates a big cradle for the dogs to be in.  Once your dog uses the steps to get in to the backseat, you may also want to help them stay safe by attaching this seatbelt to their harness so they can't be thrown around the vehicle or jump out of an open window.

We would love to hear your feedback, so please comment below and let us know if you have any questions or if you have other favorites for your pups!  ⬇️⬇️⬇️


Troy Cogswell, Cogs Dogs Dad

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